INField Advantage Steuben County Group:

With the escalating cost of agriculture inputs, and government regulations on fertilizer application looming it is becoming more important for farmers to efficiently apply fertilizer. The INField Advantage program began in Iowa and has spread to several states across the Midwest with the goal to effectively evaluate fertilizer application. The program helps farmers determine the Economic Optimum Nitrogen Rate to produce strong yields while efficiently applying fertilizer, reducing over application and the amount of fertilizer entering streams and lakes. Below is a list of excellent sources about the On-Farm Network and the Economic Optimum Nitrogen Rate. Please Contact Us with any additional questions.


INField Advantage Group

   The link is to the Indiana On-Farm Network website that provides details on how the network operates here in Indiana.


Iowa On-Farm Network

   The link is to the Iowa On-Farm Network website that provides the history and the largest amount of On-Farm Network data in the country.


Nitrogen Management Guidelines for Indiana

   The link is to a Purdue University Department of Agronomy: Applied Crop Research Update that provides new research on Economic Optimum Nitrogen Rate for different parts of Indiana.



INField Advantage