Water Quality:

The lakes and streams of Steuben County are some of the most valuable natural resources in the state of Indiana. Below is are resources on water quality that residents can use to expand their knowledge of water quality issues and ways they can help improve it.


Several organizations, agencies, and collages are completing water monitoring across the state of Indiana. In efforts to organize the water monitoring being completed by these various entities the Indiana Department of Environmental Management in conjunction with Purdue University and several other partners has developed, Monitoring Water in Indiana: Choices for Nonpoint Source and Other Watershed Projects to assist water monitoring groups in developing a water monitoring program.


Blue-Green Algae

Research Articles

EPA Ambient Water Quality Criteria 1986

  The article discusses how the EPA determined the use of E.coli as a water quality parameter and how the standards were set.

Distribution and Characterization of E.coli within the Dunes Creek Watershed, Indiana Dunes State Park

  The article discusses the natural occurrence of E.coli in an Indiana watershed and the effects that it can have on recreational waters.

Website Links

E.coli and Indiana Lakes and Streams

  The link is an education/informational site from Purdue University that discuss the effects of E.coli on Indiana water bodies. 


NRCS Information About Water

Research Articles

USGS Harmful Algal Blooms

  The link is an informational article produced by the U.S. Geological Survey that explains how HABs are caused, the health risks of HABs, and how to identify a HAB.

Aquatic Invasive Species: Blue-Green Algae

  The link is an informational article produced by the Indiana Division of Natural Resources that explains the effects and impacts Blue-Green Algae can have on water bodies. This article provides several educational links about Blue-Green Algae as well.



Water Quality