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Steuben County Transect Data

In 2016, the SWCD completed two tillage transects, with interesting results. Find out more


Permits, Do you have yours?

Whether they are local, state, or federal permits are required for nearly every project, do you have the required permits for yours? Though our office does not authorize any permits, some of the conservation practices we implement do require them. That is why we have decided to provide a unified source of where to get the permits required for your project.

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Steuben County Water Quality Data On-line!

Water quality data from accross Steuben County is available on two different websites.

The Steuben County Lakes Council has posted water quality data collected over the past year on their website (www.lakescouncil.org).  Click on the second link on their home page

Steuben County GIS website hosts Water Quality Data at  (www.steubencounty.com).  Scroll to the bottom of of the home page and select the GIS link on the left side of the page.  When the Beacon website page finishes loading select "Enter Site".  Once the Beacon website has loaded select the "MAP" tab near the top of the page.  Then select the "Environmental" option on the left side of the map.  Ater this selection is expanded place a CHECK next to "Water Quality Sites".  Water drops appear on the map indicating sampling site locations.  After locating the site you wish to view data for highlight the "Water Qualtiy Sites" layer selection.  Now click on the drop you wish to view data for and a small, blue "Report" link will appear in the upper right corner of the web page.  Select the link to view the water quality data results.   

New Indiana Water Monitoring Manual

   The Indiana Department of Environmental Management in conjunction with Purdue University and several other entities have developed a new Indiana Water Monitoring Manual to assist water monitoring organizations in developing a water monitoring program.

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