Pigeon Creek Watershed: 

Pigeon Creek is located in the central portion of the county. It is the largest watershed and accounts for 120 square miles of the county's drainage. Pigeon Creek makes up the headwaters for a significant portion of the county, therefore, maintaining its water quality is important to Steuben County and the State of Indiana.

The main channel starts in the northeastern portion of the county east of Fremont. It drains southwest passing through the town of Pleasant Lake and then turns northwest exiting the county just north of US HWY 20 into LaGrange County. It then drains into the St. Joe River, which flows through Elkhart, Indiana, and outlets into Lake Michigan. The watershed contains the "Chain of Lakes": Long Lake; Golden Lake; Big and Little Bower Lake; and Hogback Lake; as well as many others.

In 2004 we able to receive an Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) 319 Grant to develop a Watershed Management Plan for the Pigeon Creek Watershed. We completed the Pigeon Creek Watershed Management Plan, in partnership with the Steuben County Government, in 2006. Since completing the management plan we, in partnership with the Steuben County Government, were able to obtain and complete an IDEM 319 Phase 1 Implementation Grant. In 2009, the District receieved an IDEM 319 Phase 2 Implementation Grant and finished in 2012 with the Final Report. Currently the District, in partnership with the Steuben County Government, the City of Angola, and the Steuben County Lakes Council, are in the progress of an IDEM 319 Phase 3 Implementation Grant.  Cost share opportunities are available in the Pigeon Creek Watershed and some sub-watersheds of Fawn River.



Pigeon Creek Watershed