NACD Stewardship Week






Steuben County Lakes Council meeting






Election Day

County Office Closed





Steuben County SWCD Board meeting

1220 N 200 W

Angola, IN 46703






Mother's Day






Friends of the St. Joseph River meeting






CWI Urban Rain Garden Demo

(see flyer above)

8:30 am





Steuben County SWCD food plot pick up day






Memorial Day

 Office Closed





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Steuben County Courthouse (above) and the Martha/Wall (below) Rain Garden Projects were both funded by IDEM 319 Grant EDS#A305-3-8. Pigeon Creek Watershed Management Plan Revision and Implementation Phase 3. Photos provided by Steuben County SWCD.

 The Western Lake Erie Basin (WLEB) is one of our nation’s most significant collections of inland rivers and streams. The WLEB covers over 7 million acres and it encompasses most of northwest Ohio, as well as portions of northeast Indiana, and southeast Michigan. WLEB information can be obtained through the WLEB website  provided.

2018 Tree order form and instructions for SWCD pickup


The Indiana Division of Forestry began taking orders at their State Tree Nurseries on Oct. 2 for the Spring of 2018. The State Nurseries offer more than 40 species of native tree and shrub seedlings to be planted in Indiana for conservation purposes (timber, windbreaks, wildlife food and habitat, watershed and soil protection, reclamation and education). You have the option to order tree seedlings using the order form or the DoF new online ordering platform. To access the order form, visit:


If you would like to use the new online platform, visit the above website, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the “Forestry Exchange” link found under the Online Services information. We will again offer tree pick-up for county landowners. Trees are picked up at the nursery in the Spring & delivered to the SWCD Angola office. We ask for a small donation for this service (overall, this method of pick-up is the least expensive option). If you are interested in having us pick up your trees in the Spring, complete the 3rd party pickup section on the order form (see below) when placing your order.

¨ Check the Jasper-Pulaski box

¨ Write Extension next to Name

¨ Write Steuben next to County


Northeast Indiana Solid Waste Management District hours of operation and District Facilities



Harvest for Steuben

A charitable program created by the Steuben County Community Foundation for those in the field of agriculture who choose to use the donation of grain to grow permanent endowment funds benefitting Steuben County.



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