101 Lakes Trust Essay Contest

101 Lakes Trust, a nonprofit land trust organization, invites people of all ages to submit an entry to the 2022 essay contest.  This year’s theme is “Waterworks.” Writers are challenged to pour out their creativity and share their visions of how water can change the landscape or create new things in our world.  For example, moving water can erode soil and rock, and create a river where one had not existed before. Water can also carry sediment with it and alter the lay of the land. Rain, snow and many human activities can affect how water influences the world around us.

The top entry in both the adult and youth categories will win $50. Second place wins $25 and third place, $10. Deadline for entry is April 15 to brandysd@gmx.com.

The 101 Lakes Trust was created as an arm of the Steuben County Lakes Council. Its mission is to protect and enhance Steuben County’s natural and built environment of lakes, rolling hills, streams, and neighborhoods to stimulate and support a sense of community through conservation, management, education, and research. The 101 Lakes Trust protects several properties in Steuben County through conservation easements, which allow property owners to retain use of the land while protecting it in perpetuity.