Northeast Indiana Solid Waste Management District Recycling UPDATES

April 24, 2023

The Northeast Indiana Solid Waste Management District (NISWMD) in Ashley has updated a few items on their accepted recyclables list at their drop-off locations. In the GLASS ONLY bins, you can recycle your glass food and beverage containers (all colors; labels can stay on); drinking vessels such as pint and wine glasses and canning jars; candle jars (leftover wax is acceptable); cosmetic bottles or jars; and window, shower door, and table top glass (frames and hardware removed).

Also, for a fee, they are collecting bagged shredded paper ($3 per small/medium bag, $5 per large bag) and now accept bagged Styrofoam for $2 per bag (any sizes). The NISWMD also has a recycling program for boat wrap for $2.50 per wrap. These items are ONLY accepted at the Ashley location on Friday mornings from 8:00 a.m. – noon. Please visit their website or find them on Facebook for more information.

As a reminder, before placing items in the bins at the recycling drop-off locations, check the sign to make sure you are recycling properly. If you’re still not sure, you can call the NISWMD at (260) 587-3063. Recycling that has been contaminated with household waste or prohibited items cannot be recycled properly and must be disposed of in the landfill.